hello! I'm KElpsey.

Or, of course -- just Kelsey. I'm a content creator from Atlanta, GA.

I stream on Twitch and my streams usually feature speedruns and variety gaming.

I have had the pleasure of working with several charities, gaming marathons, and more!

Want to work together? Drop me an email: contact@kelpsey.com

notable events and appearances


  • St. Jude PLAY LIVE 2022 (featured creator)

  • Gamers for Giving Marathon, by GamesOutreach (creator)

  • FINJI's Tunic: Steam Store Page Release Day (featured creator)

  • Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective (guest attendee)

  • European Speedrunning Assembly Winter (featured creator)


  • Steam Games Festival: February 2021 (featured creator)

  • Capcom Arcade Stadium Retro Marathon (featured creator)

  • Capcom Ghosts 'N Goblins Resurrection Release (featured creator)

  • Twitch Rivals: Overcooked! (featured creator)

  • Games Done Quick Hotfix Show: Challenger Approaching (featured creator)

  • Dreamhack x Warp World's Speedruns Through Time (featured creator)

  • GrandPooBear's Christmas in July Charity Marathon benefitting Wings for Life (featured creator)

  • Speedruns Through Time 2021 benefitting St. Jude (featured creator)

  • Games Done Quick Hotfix Show: Mercy Kill (featured creator)

  • Games Done Quick Hotfix Show: What's Faster (featured creator)


  • Frost Fatales, by Games Done Quick (featured speedrunner)

  • Corona Relief Done Quick (volunteer)

  • Warp World Holiday Gameshow (featured creator)

  • SteelSeries 24 Hour Season's Streaming Holiday Marathon (featured partner)


  • NoResetSpeedrun @ Dreamhack Atlanta (featured speedrunner)

  • GamesDoneQuick TreeFort Guest (featured speedrunner)

  • SpeedGaming Live 2019 (hosting, commentary, participant)

  • GrandPOOBear's Speedrun Sessions, Charlotte/Atlanta (special guest)

  • Mario Masters Colosseum 3 (featured creator)

  • Frame Fatales 2, by Games Done Quick (featured speedrunner)

  • The Sprint (Hotfix Show), by Games Done Quick (guest host)

  • GrandPOOBear's Speedrun Sessions, Chicago/Lollapalooza (special guest)

  • Zeldathon's Piece of Heart Marathon @ MomoCon (featured speedrunner)

  • GrandPOOBear's Speedrun Sessions, Las Vegas (special guest)


  • Mario Masters Colosseum 2 (participant)

  • TwitchCon 2018 (CrowdControl Showcase Runner)

  • GDQx 2018 (commentary)