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Hey, I'm Kelpsey.

Or, of course -- just Kelsey. I'm a content creator from Atlanta, GA. 

I stream on Twitch and my streams usually feature speedruns and variety gaming. 
I have had the pleasure of working with several charities, gaming marathons, and more!
Want to work together? 
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  • YouTube

Media Performance

23K total followers

151 concurrent viewership*

443K unique views*

3.52M minutes watched*

(includes front page time)

5.9K total followers

405K impressions*

2.8% engagement rate*

4.5K impressions/day*

1.6K total followers

1.4K accounts reached*

281 accounts engaged*

24K impressions*

1.2K total members

105 weekly visitors

40% member retention

* per 90 days
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